Strategic Planning

Linking vision to fundraising.

There is power in a clear, concise roadmap guiding you toward short and long-term goals. We facilitate and orchestrate a dynamic and inclusive planning process. The end result is a clear, relevant plan that is embraced by board and staff that outlines primary goals, strategies to achieve them, measurable benchmarks, and action steps.

Activities as examples: Strategic planning, stakeholder surveys, board and staff retreats and strategy sessions as well as targeted coaching.


New Directions

Take advantage of new opportunities or re-affirm your goals in changing times.

Perhaps you are on track but want to do even better. Or perhaps a campaign that started well is now off track.

We can help you assess and discover opportunities in your current situation.

We specialize in unique quandaries, quirky organizations, and in situations in which the usual methods have didn’t get you results. We are periodically called in when other regional or national consultants failed to meet your needs and did not live up to expectations.

Activities as examples: Assess your current efforts and discover new opportunities; audits of existing programs; assess your capital campaign progress; one on one coaching. Strategy analysis, staff and board leadership coaching, board and staff strategy sessions, one on one meetings with key donors and supporters.


Financial Sustainability and
Legacy Gifts

Connect with loyal supporters to build a stream of income for years to come.

More money comes to nonprofit groups from legacy gifts alone than ALL of America’s corporate philanthropy. We can help you construct a pipeline of legacy gift income that will sustain, strengthen, and advance your organization.

Hardworking nonprofit leaders have little time for theory. They need ideas that can be put to work with minimal staff or new expenditures.

Activities as examples: Planned/legacy gift assessments, creating legacy and capital campaign cases, one on one coaching, as well as traditional planned gift services.